Esse Stoves

West Midlands Stoves are proud to stock Esse flueless gas and wood burning stoves in our showroom in Brierley Hill, West Midlands.

Esse Stoves

Esse Stoves are built with pride in Britain, and supported by a heritage that goes more than a century and a half.

ESSE is the UK’s longest-standing stove manufacturer but is still at the cutting edge of the industry thanks to its innovative cast iron range cookers and energy-efficient wood-burning stoves.

The products below are for Esse wood burning and multifuel Stoves – to see Esse gas stoves please see our Esse Gas Stoves.

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Esse FG500FG500

This log effect gas stove does not require a flue giving you the freedom to locate it virtually anywhere.

By using the latest catalytic technology all burnt gas emissions are ‘scrubbed’ clean and leave the stove as warm clean air.

In addition to ease of location, catalytic technology also offers 100% efficiency.

No energy is wasted up a chimney, so all the heat generated warms your room which in turn lowers running costs.

A catalytic converter is not only environmentally friendly, but it can actually clean the air it uses. The high temperature catalytic process helps to remove odours in the home and neutralise airborne particles such as dust mites, creating a cleaner, healthier home environment.

The FG500 Flueless offers all the benefits of a popular compact stove with the added flexibility that is only possible using catalytic technology.


  • Fuel: Gas or Natrual LPG
  • Ignition: Piezo spark
  • Safety: Auto shut off
  • Fuel Effect: Logs
  • Flue pipe: Not required
  • Heat Output (max/ min): 3.3 / 1.6 Kw

Esse 100100 / 100SE

Precision engineered from high grade steel and featuring Esse’s Afterburn™ system, the 100 series offers the presence and clear fire view of the 200 but with a lower output of 5kW thanks to its slim profile. This makes it the perfect choice where hearth depths are limited, or in rooms where there is hearth space for a large stove but where higher heat outputs would overwhelm the room. And like the 200 this multi-fuel stove loves to burn logs.

The 100SE offers all the performance and benefits of the 100 but with the added advantage of being approved to burn wood in Smoke Control areas. Making this an ideal wood burner for urban households.


  • Construction: Steel / Cast Iron
  • Flue outlet: Top or Rear
  • Flue pipe diameter: 5″ (125mm)
  • Overnight Burning (suitable for continuous burning): Yes
  • Pre-heated secondary airwash: Yes
  • Afterburn™ system: Yes
  • Operating range (depending on fuel type & settings) (KW): Up to 5
  • Weight (kg): 84

Esse 125125 / 125SE

A modern take on the popular 100 stove. At its heart is an amazing 82% efficient fire box and a heat output of 5kW. The 125 is clothed in contemporary steel with a cast door.

The 125 is available with brushed steel legs (main picture) or matt black ( below right).


  • Efficiency: 82%
  • Output: 5.0kW (Logs) / 4.8kW (Anthracite)
  • Flue pipe diameter: 5” (125mm)
  • Approved for use on decorative hearths: Yes
  • Weight: 100kg
  • Additional room vent: No
  • Afterburn: Yes
  • Clearances 600mm sides, 600mm rear, 450mm top, 305mm front

125 Podium

A contemporary woodburner so good – we put it on a pedestal! The 125 Podium stove offers all the performance and energy efficiency you would expect from ESSE, combined with modern, elevated style.

The new Podium promotes a stunning flame pattern, making a striking focal point for any room. This clean-burning, multi-fuel stove features ESSE’s well known clear glass and excellent controllability. It offers an impressive 82% efficiency and a heat output of 5kW.

Esse 125 Podium

Esse 200200XK

This stunning 8.5kW stove was the first to feature Afterburn™, Esse’s precision secondary air control system. The result is outstanding control, dancing flames, a crystal clear view of the fire and highly efficient combustion of the fuel. The 200 will happily burn most solid fuels but it will reward you with wonderful flame patterns when burning properly seasoned wood.

The 200 XK has been independently tested for use with a 12mm non-combustible hearth and is available with an external air kit to source all the stoves air supply from the outside.

All ESSE 200 XK stoves are air kit compatible making them suitable for the passive house. ESSE 200 XK and its variants are all 8.5kW rated and approved for use in smoke control areas.


  • Construction: Steel / Cast iron
  • Flue outlet: Top or Rear
  • Flue pipe diameter: 5″ (125mm)
  • External Riddling
  • Overnight Burning (suitable for continuous burning)
  • Pre-heated secondary airwash
  • Afterburn™ system
  • Operating range (depending on fuel type & settings) (KW): Up to 8.5
  • Weight (kg): 99
  • Additional room vent required

Esse 500500c

This 5kW stove offers form and function in perfect harmony. Its balanced proportions, elegant curves and cast iron detailing have been created from a furniture design perspective by leading designer Paul Galley, whilst its fuel burning capability has evolved, like all ESSE stoves over a century and a half. The 500C is simple to operate and this multi-fuel version will happily burn wood and any type of solid fuel.


  • Construction: Cast iron
  • Flue outlet: Top or Rear
  • Flue pipe diameter: 5″ (125mm)
  • External Riddling
  • Overnight Burning (suitable for continuous burning)
  • Pre-heated secondary airwash
  • Operating range (depending on fuel type & settings) (KW): Up to 5
  • Weight (kg): 84

Esse 500 Vista500 Vista

The 500 Vista is the quintessential ESSE with their signature door arch styling and technologically-advanced performance.

Wide, clean glass offers an unrivalled fire view while an efficient fire box with tertiary air ensures great fuel economy. A high quality steel body gives the Vista endurance and attractive cast iron detail on the top, door and feet complete the stove.

The Vista is a simple-to-use 5kW multifuel stove including twin position riddling grate with both wood and mineral fuel settings. For ease of installation, the Vista features a flue draft test point.


  • Flue pipe diameter: 5″ (125mm)
  • Approved For Use On Decorative Hearths: Yes
  • Operating range (depending on fuel type & settings) (KW): 3.8kW (Logs) / 5.0kW (Pureheat)
  • Weight (kg): 60
  • Clearances To Combustibles: 400mm sides – 450mm top – 305mm front – 400mm rear

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