Fireline Stoves


West Midlands Stoves are proud to stock Fireline wood burning stoves in our showroom in Brierley Hill.

Fireline wood burning and multi-fuel stoves provide heating with patent pending advanced firebox combustion technology developed exclusively in their Telford laboratory, which results in their cleanest burning, most efficient stoves yet. Their wood burning stoves begin at 78% efficiency – where some products peak – and rise to 81.5%. Our combustion technology is developed to harness the unique Fireline designed air-wash as an integral part of the system and not just an add-on like older designs of stove.

The end result is a cleaner heat, cleaner home, cleaner flue and a cleaner, greener environment. Fireline test, develop and evaluate performance at low air settings as well as high which ensures that their stoves perform with the very best. All but the smallest Fireline 4kW wood burning model have now achieved DEFRA exemption for burning logs in smokeless zones, something of a formality for Fireline when clean burning is designed and developed into their products from conception.

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FX5 & FP5 multi-fuel stoves

fx5fp5Traditional or contemporary, these new 5kw multi-fuel stoves look as harmonious in a farmhouse inglenook as they will in a newly built town house. Both stoves are freestanding with either a curved or square door and large flame picture. For people living in a smoke controlled area, these Fireline stoves are DEFRA exempt for wood burning, which means they meet the latest UK Clean Air Act, giving a greener source of heat.

FX5W & FP5W multi-fuel stoves

Fireline FX5WFireline FP5W
The FX5W & FP5W give the large looks of the 8kw wide screen stove but maintain the nominal heat output at 5kw. This is achieved by a subtle reduction in the depth of the grate area whilst the over-all width of the stove is the same as the larger 8kw model. This means that 37cm logs can be accommodated on the standard multi-fuel capable grate. With a firebox lined with compressed vermiculite insulating board and Fireline’s own patent pending firebox air supply technology, clean burning was assured from the beginning – CE and DEFRA compliance were a formality. 79% efficiency ensures top levels of fuel economy and the proven Fireline air wash system gives fabulous views of the fire through the large glass panel.

Both stoves are freestanding and come with either a curved (FX5W) or a square (FP5W) door and a large flame ‘picture’.

FX8 & FP8 multi-fuel stoves

fp8fx8The FX8 and FP8 stoves are big, heavyweight, freestanding designs, made from steel with a traditional cast iron door with extra wide, ceramic glass, flame viewing window. Ideally suited for larger rooms, these stoves can pump out a really serious amount of heat. Both stoves have exactly the same specifications, except for the door design, where you have a choice of either a square or a curved door feature. Whichever one you choose, the extra wide flame picture will enhance even the biggest room.


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