Stûv Stoves

StuvStûv conceives and produces individual wood heating systems (wood burning stoves and fireplaces) aiming to magnify the fire.

In 1983, Stûv was made up of just two men, Gérard Pitance and Benoît Lafontaine, who decided to join forces to develop and produce an exceptional wood stove. They subcontracted the production of the components and focused on assembly and installation.

Today Stûv employs 120 people, produces 15,000 stoves a year and exports 70% of its production throughout Europe.

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Stuv-30-compactStuv 30

Subtle curves for sleek and simple wood burning stoves which provide a full view of the fire.

Revolutionary. The Stuv 30 Compact has three modes to satisfy your every wish.

  1. Glass-door mode to enjoy the attractive view of the flames.
  2. The door is opened in a simple movement to reveal the fire crackling, blazing and giving off generous heat.
  3. The closed-door mode elegantly conceals a fire operating at a lower rate or which has gone out.


  • Weight of the system: 114 kg
  • Optimal usage range, evaluated by Stûv: 3 – 9 kW
  • Consumption range in wood/hour at 12% humidity, evaluated by Stûv: 0.8 – 2.5 kg/h
  • Efficiency at rated power with glass door and without a fan: 81 %
  • CO emission depending on usage mode with glass door: < 0.09 %
  • Particle emissions (mg/Nm3), measurement method based on din +: < 25 mg/Nm3
  • Length of logs: 40 / 25 cm

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